hell fucking yes

i hope the tv show doesn’t rush negan’s introduction. lots of fans are already talking about who they think will play him, and if he’ll be introduced in season 5, and man i just really hope not. not until at least half way through season 6. negan is great, don’t get me wrong. he’s one of my favorite villains in anything ever, honestly. but there’s a ton of other stuff that needs to happen before negan is even hinted at, and i don’t want them to skip it, or hurry through it to get to the saviors.

apparently people are theorizing that beth will be or has been taken in by terminus and falls in love with gareth

but we already did that shitty plotline in season 3

that line doesn’t feel quite right without the precision f-strike it had in the comic, but i’ll take it

glenn i love you but if anything happens to tara because you refused to stop and let everyone rest you’re my new least favorite character

knew that was gonna happen because lizzie and mika are clearly stand-ins for ben and billy

but that was even creepier in live action

and for whatever reason little girls are creepier than little boys

goddamn lizzie’s annoying

negan’s such a great character i almost don’t want him to die

aw shit, looks like comic rick is planning on getting some sort of merle-esque prosthetic made

i have a pretty good feeling that i’m gonna be entirely broken by the end of “all out war”


It felt like I was coloring in a coloring book….

man if the walking dead tv series introduces negan at any point i wonder how they’re gonna handle all that swearing

because holy shit that’s a good portion of his fucking vocabulary

I really wish I hadn’t had the Walking Dead episode spoiled for me, but based on what I know happened I’m still really excited for the next half of the season. The bit after the fall of the prison, but before finding the Alexandria Safe Zone was the best. Still hoping they adapt “Fear the Hunters” in some way.



that character isn’t allowed to die you can’t do this

live bait was probably my favorite walking dead episode yet

and then dead weight was a terrible followup honestly

seems like they’re really rushing for a showdown between rick and the governor’s groups, and they’re not doing a very good job at it.

like if it happened at the end of last season, it would have been great. there was an obvious buildup to it, it would have been a great way to end the season. but they pretty much abandoned that last minute and had the governor kill his army.

then live bait showed the governor at the very least trying to be a changed man. then dead weight pretty much instantly undid any of his character development.

i dunno i’m just really disappointed right now.